Donnerstag, 28. November 2013


Yeah, I know I haven't posted in ages. Mostly because I haven't felt like it. Now there are changes afoot, though and I thought whatever poor bastard happens to stumble upon this post would appreciate this message.

I've retooled the blog a bit with the help of a program called Mandelbulber. It took me some time until I got pictures I thought look nice enough to use, but I still want to give credit were credit is due: The team around project leader Krzysztof Marczak has done a fine job. This under the GNU-license operating Fractal-program can make really beautiful fractals.

If you have an interest in fractals or nice art, you can download the program under the link at the end of this post and try it yourself.

Now to the other change: Over the next month I will try my hand at creative writing and add a few entries about adventures of my little exploration-corporation in the world of New Eden. Yes, this means this blog will suddenly be about EVE Online. Of course, sometimes I will post other stuff, too. Hopefully.

At least there will be screenshots and EVE is a beautiful game, so even if you aren't interested in this shit at all, you still get something out of it.

Well, that's it for today, more posts are coming soon!

Download Mandelbulber