Mittwoch, 25. November 2015


Apparently I now own a house. Also some 13-year-olds are doing "something" with spray cans in front of it. Mysterious!

But holy shit, sometimes people are weird. Some old guy just went to the trouble of making his son find my telephone number just to tell me this. Too bad he apparently was full of shit, since nothing he said had anything to do with our house. Starting at the point that I don't own a house, I just have an apartment in one. Which should be easy to see, because there's like a dozen names plastered on our front for all the tenants in the house. Also he couldn't even remember the adress he "looked at from my car's window", which is even weirder.

Maybe though he will have the last laugh! If I go out to work tomorrow and there's a giant smily spraypainted on our front door, the joke will be on me!

Lazyness and the Writer

Yeah, it has been sometime, right?

Sorry about my lazyness, I just didn't feel like updating this blog. So what noteworthy things happened I could talk about?

Welp, today we let a pigeon free again after a long period of recovery. The little dumbass rammed a wall so hard, some of her bones broke. This was a month ago and according to the vet, the last x-ray was looking good and she was already pretty damn active again.

I collected the little flyer yesterday evening and the kid who found the pigeon took her out today on his way to school. Case closed, one pigeon saved from a gruesome death.

In EVE Online, nothing much happend. I think the most noteworthy thing there was me spending all my industry alt's money on P1-materials to make my own mountain of Wetware Mainframes. My P4-computer industry is a lot slower then I accounted for, though. Now I have to wait until all that stuff is slowly churned through my factory planet and sold. Woops!

Oh, and I tried PVP again and got dumpstered. 

That's it for today!