Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

EVE Online: The PI Adventure

Today was the day all my PI-colonies had their extraction-timers run out and it was the day all launch pads on my W-Space colonies went full again.

Lots of winding up extractors, hauling and scanning. Also hammering on d-scan. Getting surprised with a hold full of PI-goods would smart somewhat fierce, after all.

Now hopefully everything should go smoothly again. Just some more collecting of the stored and contracted PI-goods by my industry alt, hauling and selling, then I can relax for a month.

The smaller setups I have besides the 12 planets in W-Space are mostly just for fun. They're in HighSec, incredibly slow and my factory worlds are still backed up because the more complicated, more time-intensive setup which came before burned me out so bad I still have a ton of tier 1 goods in my alt's base, waiting to be turned into P4.

In a few days, that'll be done and I'll turn one factory planet into a center of P2-production and the other will build P3-goods for my own use. Probably again too slowly to be of much use, but for some reason I just really like building stuff and selling it. Even if technically, workers on the planet are doing the work for me.

That was the main reason I dealt with the highest and most profitable tier of PI-production for a while. It was quite a hassle, since only LowSec-extraction colonies produced enough to feed my factories and emptying them twice a week turned from fun into work pretty damn fast. So goodbye Sterile Conduits, someone else has to take up the slack of building you now.

The new setups need less ressources to get rolling, so I relocated all those annoying colonies to HighSec and now they lazily fill up. Now my effort is probably only about 10% of what I was spending on the old setup. My profits too, of course, but I'm not doing it for money, after all. The money is just a nice bonus.

Only five colonies on my main left. Another problem: First I moved his LowSec-colonies since they were too spread out for me and it took forever to empty them out, then I underestimated just how much low-tier goods an extraction-colony can suck out of the planet. The new colonies filled up incredibly fast and my main had to jump clone around a ton to keep up with them.

As my main is mostly dealing in exploration and moving around like a nomad, it got annoying fast. Even worse: There are times where my main hangs around in W-Space or deep in NullSec, far away from any friendly station. Jump cloning isn't an option there.

So I finally ended this second experiment. Now I'm placing all his colonies in HighSec close to the ones of my two industry-alts. No stress, no effort and a little bit of extra materials for my factories once a month.

Still, together with my two W-Space parasites, that's still 28 planets to deal with. Even with the most half-assed low-effort setups possible, it's still eating a lot of time.

This means essentially, that's it. No upskilling to the maximum of 30 planets on the characters able to do PI, no PI at all on my sixth character.

If the last retooling is finally finished, I should have more time for stuff like PVP and exploration again, instead of playing Industry Manager Online all the time.

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