Montag, 4. Mai 2015

Mosaic Musings

So, Mosaic happened. Sadly, I was preoccupied with work and getting home in Elite: Dangerous from a month-long expedition into the galaxy, so I couldn't do much in EVE since the patch landed.

But what I'm hearing about the ongoing story seems neat, so I'm hoping I can put in some EVE-time next weekend.

At least I made some money in selling skin-licenses that got converted from my stash of skin-BPCs and skinned ship. Right now I'm thinking how to best sell the small pile of Confessor I've made before the patch. (The Confessor is one of the new T3-destroyers and in Mosaic, the material requirements for building them and the Svipul went up, so if you build them beforehand, you can get a few extra million ISK profit per unit sold.)

Should I wait, hoping for some slight increase in price when the ships over-build by industrials before the patch are churned through and production numbers are normal again? Or should I just dump it on the market now for an easy profit?

Decisions, decisions.

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