Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Strange Happenings or The Great Bird Rescue

Yeah I know, I know I should write more stuff more often. Sorry, but other stuff kind of sidetracked me.

But today some dumb shit happened, so I got inspired to write a little bit about it:

It was just after 8 pm, I had just started to plan some project of mine and wanted to start on some term paper for university next, when the son of my neighbours knocked on my door.

My apartment is some weird-ass basement dwelling with huge metal bars on my one main window. That window overlooks our houses' central garden. So every time the neighbour's kid goes out to feed the bunnies living inside a huge rabbit hutch in said garden, he walks past my door into a long, winding hallway leading out to the garden. Then he walks past my main window. So we see each other a lot. Since I also get paid to give him private school lessons, we know each other well.

So of course I'm not surprised by him intruding into my work. I just sigh, get up and walk to the door to find out what he wants. Turns out two young jays got caught in the monstrous cat-protection net another neighbours uses. The jays looked pretty far gone by the time I got to take a look at them, so I went back in and called our local animal shelter. I had no idea what else to do, our neighbour up there wasn't home and we didn't knew the kid's father had a key for emergencies stashed away.

Obviously it was too late to get somebody at the animal shelter. Less obviously, the answering machine of the shelter told me I should contact my local police station in case of emergency. Which I did, wondering a bit at the same time if calling the police wasn't total overkill. A minute later I went out again to look after the birds and of course slipped on the shitty and extremely slippy floor in that stupid basement-tunnel leading to our garden. Got a nice bloody gash on my arm from that.

Half an hour later a police car arrived and a nice police man and woman got out. They too looked at the mess and finally called our local animal rescue. Which I didn't knew was a thing. Oops! The policemen took my phenomenal ability to waste their time in stride, though.

A couple minutes later a fire service van with the nice and friendly letters Tierrettung (animal rescue) on the side arrived and it looked steadily better for the by now exhausted birds.

After a while the kid's father arrived while animal rescue and police were just entering the house next door (we had finally determined we'd probably never get a ladder long enough through the long, narrow hallway from the frontdoor into the garden), to get to the balcony right next to the one under the one the two jays were caught in.

Yeah I know, that sounds convoluted, but for some reason the police didn't want to break into someones apartment just to save some birds. And the animal rescue wasn't allowed to. So we kind of had to work around the easy option here.

Luckily by then we got a key to the right apartment, entered together with the rescuers and the police and saved the birds.

The two jays were in astonishingly good shape and after carrying them back down and freeing them in the garden, they immediately took flight. Two birds: Saved.

100% OP success and I learned to call the fire service next time instead of listening to weird robot-voices. A nice end to a chaotic evening.

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