Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

And now all gods are dead. How sad.

Well, let's get started. I think a short introduction is in order.

 The title of my blog was inspired by my rather convoluted belief that even if so-called "gods" really do exist, sooner or later we (by that I mean mankind as a whole) will grow to the point were the more or less benevolent lordship of divine beings is no longer needed.

You could say, sooner or later we will reach the end of our childhood as a species. After that point, religion will more be something about other, newer species (maybe even from other worlds) believing that we are gods and how we would interact with them.

Maybe we will be seen as capricious as the old greek gods, maybe we will be seen as all-loving father figure -and maybe we can and will convince them that we aren' actually gods and just want to help them. Or maybe we will simply be incredible assholes.

But until that fateful day, I will use this blog however I see fit.

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