Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

Lazyness and the Writer

Yeah, it has been sometime, right?

Sorry about my lazyness, I just didn't feel like updating this blog. So what noteworthy things happened I could talk about?

Welp, today we let a pigeon free again after a long period of recovery. The little dumbass rammed a wall so hard, some of her bones broke. This was a month ago and according to the vet, the last x-ray was looking good and she was already pretty damn active again.

I collected the little flyer yesterday evening and the kid who found the pigeon took her out today on his way to school. Case closed, one pigeon saved from a gruesome death.

In EVE Online, nothing much happend. I think the most noteworthy thing there was me spending all my industry alt's money on P1-materials to make my own mountain of Wetware Mainframes. My P4-computer industry is a lot slower then I accounted for, though. Now I have to wait until all that stuff is slowly churned through my factory planet and sold. Woops!

Oh, and I tried PVP again and got dumpstered. 

That's it for today!

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