Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Elite: Picturesque II: Nebula Adventures

This time I'm diggin through some nice screenshots from just after I sold my Imperial Clipper and went back to a good old Asp Explorer. I then went on a short trip to some nearby black holes and followed up with visiting some nebulas on the way back. Enjoy!

Elite: Picturesque II: Nebula Adventures

The Purple Planet. Nice craters! For those of you who know: I made a short video of the black hole in this system, but it didn't turn out well.
This nice (and rather dusty) screenshot was made on another planet in the same system.

For some reason this planet also had a prominent giant crater. 
Though from up close the crater looks more like a dent. Whatever hit this planet either spiraled back into space or just burst and spread itself accross the surface.

Chances are, this little bugger nicked our dented planet at some point in the past.

I took some time out at this point to explore the crater/dent-region. Sadly I continued to be unlucky with finding synthesis materials. I have enough stuff to reload weapons I don't use dozens of times, but only enough strange metals for a single, low-level jump boost!

My favourite kind of hyperspace jump: Jumping from just a couple kilometers above the surface. (I wonder if we will get fined if we ever do this above a populated world like Earth?)

Random Earth-like planet! Also in case you're wondering why the formatting changes several times through this post, it's because this shitty blogging software gets unresponsive sometimes. Unreliable shit, I should really work more on my Wordpress-blog.

The same planet, but with my golden Asp in the foreground. In the background, you can see traces of the Horsehead-Nebula.

The Horsehead-Nebula in all it's glory!

The same nebula, but with my Asp in the foreground.

Messier 78 another and much smaller nebula close by. 

Messier 78 from another angle, with some other nebulas visible behind it.

This screenshot is from around the Orion Nebula. At least I think it is. (I really have to make better notes about stuff like this.)



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