Freitag, 1. April 2016

Elite: Picturesque I: The Day of the Clipper

Today I'm all about sharing: Sharing pictures!

Elite: Dangerous - Horizons- 

The Day of the Clipper

1. Planetary Landing on some Random Dustball

What is says above, my Imperial Clipper trying to set down on some really dusty planet somewhere.

Aaaaaand landing succesful!

It's like being on the moon, just thousands of light years away!

 This is an Imperial Clipper, by the way. Not the best space explorer, but one of the fanciest. By now replaced again by an actual exploration ship, but for a while it was nice.

After setting down in this nice crater, I went out and explored this mountain at the center.

I tried my best to get up there, but my little space buggy couldn't make it to the top without tumbling down again.

So I went into total "FUCK YOU!!!"-mode and made this screenshot to prove my anger. (Don't worry, I didn't actually crash. It was a near thing, though.)

2. Visiting Space Aliens 


Space Aliens are real in Elite, and I will prove this.

Already, there are strange things visible in the distance.


Let's take a look!

And with that I of course mean let's shoot it to pieces! That's what you do with alien crap, right?

After grabbing some crafting materials and some strange alien meta-alloys, I head back to my (for this trip recolored) Imperial Clipper.

And that's it already for today! I have some more pictures, but putting them up all at once would be a little overwhelming.

-To Be Continued-


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