Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Atari Adventures I

Now that I bought a SCART-cable and a coaxial-cable to circumvent my lame-ass monochrome monitor, it seems the project Revive the Atari slowly gains ground.

Funny enough, it also seems scart is only a viable option if I want my TFT-Television to play Atari-Monitor-Lord. My coaxial cable on the other hand gives me a nice, crispy picture in colour, even on my old TV.

The disc drive also works, at least now. I cleaned it a bit and tried a brand new disc instead of the old ones I got with the system. And what do you know? A short formatting later I have a working disc. Another short disc test later shows the drive can at least read the old discs after I formatted them again. So maybe the old discs were the problem all along?

Still, a new (reserve) disc drive and an additional external one for my PC is on my shopping list for next month. And I have to get a new Atari mouse. The old trackball I got instead is horrible and ungainly. It feels like I have to roll a bowling ball around to move my cursor.

For now, I test the around 40 old discs I have lying around to see what the fuck is on them. Since I'm not crazy, I will format them if I need them, not one day earlier, though.

Oh, and I guess I should screw the case back together and try to find a better place for my monochrome monitor then my living room carpet.

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