Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Atari Adventures II: The Adventure starts (slowly)

Since I now have a working Atari ST, I started to search for software. Ebay, local flea markets and so on will be the tools of my choice to find it. (And with it I mean games.)

So you can look forward to me searching for such "gems" as

DAS REICH, a historical strategy game? Well, if I find it we will find out what it is.

Universe 2, an old, obscure space strategy sim. By the way, the Atari ST has had quite a few of those, apparently.

And if I can find out how to grab images from my old TV and transfer them to my PC, we might even see some screenshots! But first off: The search for software.

Luckily, I already found some promising stuff on Ebay. Now I only have to buy them, wait until the discs arrive and hope the discs are actually still working.Wish me (even more) luck!

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