Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

I'm not dead yet.

It was a while, wasn't it?

Well, I just hadn't had the time to write. And I was lazy. And had better things to do.

Now I'm back and for the beginning I'll try to keep up a pace of at least a post a week or something. Let's see if it works out!

This week: I'm repairing an old Atari ST 1040 STF. The transport to me has destroyed parts of the case, but most of it works. The only things left are now to replace the shitty trackball it came with, to replace the damaged disk drive with a working one and to see if the new scart-cable I bought can allow me to get my old reserve-television monstrosity out and have pretty pictures in color. (The Atari-Monitor it came with is just monochrome.)

And of course, finding software. Especially games. To spare me headaches I plan on getting on of those nifty external floppy drives I can connect via USB to my PC. This way, I can search for old Atari ST games that have turned into abandonware or something, transmit the data to my Atari-formatted discs and try them with the new (old) computer of mine. If it is possible, I'll try to get originals, of course. But we'll see.

If my ST starts working properly, maybe I'll make a series of blog posts about it.

Next week: Maybe the start of actual content?

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