Donnerstag, 2. April 2015

Be Elite In Deep Space

Today I thought "Why not?" to myself and decided to share some more pictures I made while exploring the galaxy in Elite: Dangerous:

A blue-white star seen through my ship's canopy. The canopy is a bit dinged up since I was travelling for some time already. Nowadays we have a nice debug-camera to make fancy shots without scratchy effects in the way, but back when I made this pic we could only make screenshots from inside our cockpits.

A brown dwarf with massive rings. I found this system quite a bit above the galactic ecliptic.

Here I am slowly sinking into the rings using my FSD (Frame Shift Drive) at the slowest supercruise-setting. (The FSD is a jump drive for direct jumps between different star systems, dropping you always near the largest mass. Supercruise is a fancy warp-drive mode you can use for fast travel inside a star system.)

Uh oh getting closer now...

And arrived!

After some bumbling around in the ring, I suddenly noticed the bulk of the brown dwarf star hiding over there. So I made this pic.

The FSD in action: My jump timer is counting down and when it hits zero, I'll get violently kicked to my target system through the spooky witch space.

Thanks to Frontier modelling the Milkyway as closely as possible, you'll get a lot of weird systems like this one here. If you take a good look, you'll see four suns in that screenshot. All part of the same star system. And now think about how the real world has even stranger star systems like that.

One of my more artistic pictures. But thank god I don't have to make screenshots through my canopy anymore, that got old really fast.

An ice planet. No heavy metals here, since ice planets in the real world don't tend to have a lot of heavy metals, regardless of what EVE may have taught you.

This rocky little stone would probably be labeled a "barren" planet in EVE. Here, it's just worth barely more than an ice planet. I think this thing had like 5% more metals in it's composition than the ice ball from above. Still not much.

So, this is it for today. Just a bunch of nice pics. I think next time I'll go back to EVE, so please don't run away one person reading this!

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