Montag, 6. April 2015

EVE Easter Extravaganza: The Great Odyssey Odyssey II

So, family matters decended upon me and waylaid this post, but we still have a couple hours left on Easter monday here, so technically it's still Easter!

Let's continue!

The Great Odyssey Rolls On

A Madman's Folly
The next stage of our journey was the legendary City of God, build by a crazed Amarrian emperor. Today only a ruin, thanks to not even faithful Amarrians taking his dumb shit anymore.

Sorry for my Stabber stumbling through the picture here
Next up: Choonka's Diner. Another weird landmark in Amarr-space. Apparently you can go there and get a mission. Choonka's Diner was part of a weird chain of missions, ending in nothing because the rest was never implemented.

A remnant of one of many battles in New Eden
Visiting the Mekinos-Graveyard made me sad. So much death and destruction...

Spacepolice Building Status: Demolished
On my list it was now time for the broken CONCORD-station in Yulai. May or may not be related to the events creating the Mekinos-Graveyard.

A tribute to players rising up against CCP
In a moment of selfdepricating humour, CCP decided to damage the monument they had created for the winners of some old, long forgotten contest in honour of players rising up against the evils of CCP. See also Monocle Gate.

Today the repairs have finally begun
This station suffered a lot of damage in some lore-related event. A large ship crashed into the station and killed some space-important NPCs. The station was left with parts of it still on fire until today. A few months ago the fire was supposed to have been stopped and the repairs have finally begun. (Note to self: Go visit it again to see if that's actually true.)

Not all pictures we had to made were related to sites in space. This picture was me politely answering questions in the in-game help channel.

This is one of many wormhole-screenshots I made. I forgot if we were supposed to do this, but I have several of them, so I guess the answer is yes?

The Myridian Strip. In LowSec and we were supposed to have our ship visible and uncloaked in the shot. Danger Level: Rising.

The Golgothian Fields. Same like the last pick, with additional angry NPCs added in.

One of many tries to catch a sunrise over a specific type of planet.

My best try.

Yes, you're seeing this right.
And forward, to more exciting adventures: The strange Black Monolith is deep into LowSec, close to the New Eden star system itself. The same star system which gave the name for the entire cluster we're living in.

Closeby was the ancient wormhole. It is said it leads to the realm of the dreaded Sansha.

Whatever happened over there, it sure was not good.
Another important pic: The remnants of the collapsed New Eden Stargate. On the other side of the gate was Earth. Our ancestors came from there. I stayed a bit in this system, just looking at the dead gate and thinking about this.

After the super-mysterious series of pictures, we're back to good old ruins in space. Here the Serpent's Coil.

Woah, looks like we need another part, this post is getting a bit long and I still have a ton of screenshots left. Let's finish this up in part 3!

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