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EVE Easter Extravaganza: The Great Odyssey Odyssey I

It's Easter! Some guy was killed and revived like a character in a video game and we're celebrating his revival! (At least this is what I remember about Easter.)

Since our characters in EVE are also people who die and get revived all the time, this made me sit down and write up another blog post. EVE-related blog post, I mean.

Back in Summer '2013, I was playing for just about half a year and the changes made by the Odyssey-expansion set me ablaze again with the wish to explore! Kind of fitting for an exploration-themed expansion, if you ask me.

When the expansion hit, CCP came up with a contest for explorers: Travel around New Eden, make interesting screenshots from things CCP had given us as targets and get fabulous prizes. OK I lied, the prices were kind of shitty, but a lot of the targets were things I didn't even knew about at the time, so visiting them was a prize in itself.

In EVE it's kind of easy to forget, but real explorers are neither garbage collectors nor conquistadors only out for a quick buck. Sure, fame and money are a thing, but no explorer ever said to himself "Sure, I'll go risk my life and fortune on something which may or may not be turn out to be a complete dud. Also if someone is faster then me, I get fucked over royally. Sounds like fun!"

Because real explorers don't think like that. Getting fame and fortune takes only a second place to whatever goal we have set for ourselves. Remember the people who climbed up the Mount Everest? Yeah, me neither. But my point is, they didn't climb up because they thought money and fame would rain down upon them as soon as they reached the peak, they climbed up because the peak was there.

Likewise I'm drawn to all the weird and mysterious stuff CCP has sprinkled all over EVE. Sometimes it's stuff only a small group knows about, sometimes it's stuff even CCP has forgotten now. New Eden is full of mysteries, and a real explorer isn't travelling through New Eden to make money, he or she is travelling around to find and record those mysteries. Because they are there.

The Great Odyssey Begins

It was time for Odyssey. Loot spew was the shit (literally, and I'm not using the positive meaning here), but probe-changes made using the probing-UI less retardedly stupid, so all was well in my book.

One day, while playing around with Planetary Interaction, I accidentally noticed a new event by CCP: Targets were given out and a call went out to explorers to travel around making screenshots of the targets. Three waves of targets, easy, medium and hard, then exploration-related prizes were given out. Intrigued, I signed up immediately.

Honestly, this had gotten boring already.

Since the first wave was kind of easy, I outfitted one of my favourite T1-cruisers, the mighty Stabber, and flew off.

First target: Luminaire
The first screenshot was incredibly easy, just a picture of a planet in HighSec, interesting for lore-related reasons, but not really dangerous.

One of the first screenshots was supposed to be a screenshot of your ship in warp. This was even easier then my first picture, for obvious reasons.

Something bad happened here...
Goal three was related to the Seyllin-incident. In LowSec and with some spooky lore attached, it was just so cool.

Some ruins I forgot the first time, so I had to go back.
Next time, I'll continue posting about the Odyssey of Odyssey.

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